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I’m Yolanda. I look forward to hearing from you.

I am a Greek trained doula, a state certified linguist and, above all, a mother of four. With more than a decade of active involvement in the perinatal setting and more than 18 years professional experience as a linguist, I can help you express and convey your needs as you prepare for birth and postpartum.


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You May Be Wondering

Is a doula a medical professional?

A Doula is not a medical professional, although doulas are well informed on the physiology and process of natural birth. A doula does not give medical advice, but will help you ask the right questions. A doula does not perform medical procedures, nor does she make any decisions on your behalf, but will help you explore and understand your options. A doula does not communicate your preferences to your birth team, but will help you communicate them

Will a doula replace my partner?

No! Your doula and your partner work together as a team to support you and help you navigate the journey of your birth. Doulas help and support partners. Doulas can show the partner how they can best serve the mother. And if questions and/or worries come up during delivery, the doula can provide reassurance to the partner and/or attention to their needs. Doulas can also help partners understand the different options that come up during birth and give them a break if they need one.

Does a doula make decisions on my behalf?

A doula does not make decisions for clients. She provides information and emotional support, while respecting a woman’s decisions.

How can I ensure my doula will be available the day I go into labor?

Your doula has booked her availability so she can support you throughout your labor. If, however, an emergency or an unforeseen event occurs, a back-up doula will be there for you. Your doula will assign a back-up doula who you will speak with or meet before labor. You may rest assured she will offer you the same quality and level of support as she will know your history, needs and preferences.


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