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Dads can make a difference

Do you think that mothers are the most important person in a baby’s life?

Well, guess again. Fathers play a huge role too.

They can take complete care of their baby, not only change its diaper and bathe it, but also soothe it, talk or sing to it, hold it, take it for a walk.

Dads can create a unique bond with their child.

Their smell, their voice, their hug is different.

And this is something most babies respond very well to.

They look forward to spending time with dad.

And this can be a huge relief for mom who spends most of her waking hours in the first few months breastfeeding, holding and caring for her baby.

Dads are precious in babies’ lives and they can offer so much.

Dear moms, let your baby’s father be an equally important part of your baby’s early experience.

This will offer everyone a unique opportunity to create and foster a deep bond that will warm your hearts for a lifetime.

Everyone has their place and is eager to do their best. Let them in wholeheartedly!

Let’s meet! Check out my website at https://doula-yolandageorgiou.com or email me at doula@yolandageorgiou.com.

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I’m Yolanda

I am a Greek trained doula, a state certified linguist and, above all, a mother of four. With more than a decade experience as a doula and more than 15 years as a linguist, I can help you express and convey your needs as you prepare for birth and postpartum.

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