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Thinking about breastfeeding your baby?

You’re holding your newborn in your arms and breastfeeding it. You cherish the moment. Thoughts and feelings rush through your mind.

Nine long months with dreams, hopes, worries, expectations.

And now your baby is here…So many different feelings! Pride, relief, joy, concern, fear…

❖ Am I doing the right thing?

❖ Am I a good mother?

❖ What will happen if…?

❖ Will I know what to do?

Well, if you’ve taken the decision to breastfeed, you’ve taken the 1st step to offering your baby a great beginning in life.

Breast milk is the most important and only food babies need until the age of six months, and thereafter – with other foods – for at least the first two years of their life (*according to the WHO).

And yes, challenges may come up. Breastfeeding may be an instinct, but it takes practice too, as well as support and information.

This is where your doula comes in to offer her experience, knowledge, empathy and encouragement.

Almost every challenge can be overcome, and even if things get tricky, the doula will refer you to the appropriate healthcare professional who can help.

Breastfeeding your baby is a life-long gift to your child and yourself. Not only because it has so many health-boosting properties, but also because of the bond it helps create between the two of you, a bond you’ll remember and cherish for the years to come.

*Disclaimer: Breastfeeding is a choice and a matter of information. And it’s completely ok to decide it is not for you. I am here to support you in every choice you make.

Let’s meet! Check out my website at doula-yolandageorgiou.com or email me at doula@yolandageorgiou.com.

I would love to hear from you!


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I’m Yolanda

I am a Greek trained doula, a state certified linguist and, above all, a mother of four. With more than a decade experience as a doula and more than 15 years as a linguist, I can help you express and convey your needs as you prepare for birth and postpartum.

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