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Why I decided to become a doula

Becoming a doula was a pretty straightforward decision for me.

I had received so much support and inspiration from my own doula during pregnancy and birth that it came natural to me. I needed to give back to the community of parents.

Everything started when I became a mother for the very first time.

The first couple of weeks postpartum were very challenging with my first daughter.

Lack of experience, lack of sleep, lack of support with breastfeeding.

I felt hopeless and desperate.

I managed to overcome the breastfeeding challenges thanks to an amazing lactation consultant who introduced me to my future postpartum doula and doula trainer.

From that point onward, things took their course.

I became acquainted with the doula profession and I was amazed.

Doulas have so much to offer new parents.

Their impact can make a huge difference in the parenting experience.

And they can bring incredible value to families.

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the first ever training seminar for doulas taught by Greek doulas in Greece and that was it.

A wealth of information, evidence-based facts, self-awareness and personal growth tips came my way.

I instinctively felt I had found my calling.
It took a while more, but I am now offering comprehensive and high-value doula services to mothers, babies and families in my community.

Have a look at my website www.doula-yolandageorgiou.com for more info and get in touch.

I will be more than happy to meet you and support you with all my heart!


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I’m Yolanda

I am a Greek trained doula, a state certified linguist and, above all, a mother of four. With more than a decade experience as a doula and more than 15 years as a linguist, I can help you express and convey your needs as you prepare for birth and postpartum.

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